Megatrends for the future of business


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What are megatrends and how are they shaping the future of business?

What are the fundamental forces that are changing our world?

Identifying these trends and understanding their impact is key to knowing how businesses and communities operate today and into the future.

These are Megatrends, a term coined by John Naisbitt in the 1980s: large, transformative processes with global reach, broad scope, and dramatic impact.

The University of Sydney Business School has identified six megatrends that are shaping the world in the first half of the 21st century: impactful technology, demographic change, rapid urbanisation, amplified individuals, economic power shift, climate and resource security.

These forces help us think about the future for better-informed decisions in the present.

Each megatrend is explored in a short video explainer that we trust will start important conversations and provoke responses across business, government and community.

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