Sydney Business Insights is a University of Sydney Business School initiative to ignite and lead a broad range of conversations on the future of business.

Our megatrends

We bring together researchers and thought leaders to discuss technology, hype, business and the weird and the wonderful things that impact our world. Our thinking is shaped by the School’s six megatrends, global forces that are changing how business operates and how society functions.

Expert insights

The world is still grappling with what COVID-19 means for the future of business. Our COVID Business Impacts Dashboard collects expert insights and fresh thinking on how COVID-19 might impact the the future of work, the economy, supply chains, cities, business strategy, policy, industries and society as a whole.

Podcasts on important conversations

The Unlearn Project is our new podcast on changing common sense. Hosts Sandra Peter and Kai Riemer set out to unlearn old wisdoms and discover new ones. They discuss things you thought you knew like automation will make our work easier, music is something to listen to, large companies can’t innovate, or data is the new oil are no longer true.

The Future, This Week is our weekly podcast where we discover and discuss trends in technology and business. We explore what success is, interview Nobel prize winners, captains of industry, thinkers, technologists, and movers and shakers.

…and much more

Hundreds of original digital assets we have produced are used in curriculum in all our major programs, and in training and development programs across a number of national and international organisations.

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Sydney Business Insights collapses the boundaries between research, engagement and education to provide a space for tackling the future.

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