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We are curious about the future. We are committed to sharing our insights. We have carefully curated lists of resources on the most interesting and important topics.

They contain podcasts, videos and written analysis and bring together researchers and thought leaders to discuss the future of business, society and technology, and the weird and the wonderful things that impact our world.

How to use these resources

Resources include both written analysis and multimedia content (podcasts and videos) hosted on the SBI website. Multimedia content includes HTML embed codes that can be directly imported into many Learning Management Systems (LMS) to encourage direct student engagement. Videos and podcasts also include links to relevant articles and full transcripts for accessibility.

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Topics of interest

Agriculture and food

Food innovations, VR cows and hacking farmers

AI and algorithms

Big data, ethics and black boxes


Robots, self driving cars and chatbots

Big ideas

Robots, self driving cars and chatbots

Big tech

Competition, anti-trust and monopolies

Calling BS

Hype, fantasy and exponential growth


996 work culture, digital silk road and entrepreneurship


Smart cities, co-housing and liveability

Climate, sustainability and the environment

The climate crisis, renewables and biodiversity


Organised crime, VR prisons and hacking Jeeps


Big data, surveillance and oil

Decision making

Good intentions, marshmallow tests and thinking fast and slow

Digital humans

Digital immortality, CGI influencers and holograms


Startup deflation, boring problems and innovation centres

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Subtle sexism, design exclusion and difficult women


Going cashless, the triple bottom line and capitalism in crisis

Electric vehicles

Greener cars, Tesla’s disruption and electric buses


Policy, security and the batteries of tomorrow


Startups, China tech and intrapreneurship

Fake futures

Deep fakes, click farms and fake milk

Future of work

Remote work, 996 culture and automation

Gadgets and tech

Augmented reality, wearables and money in cricket

Gig economy

Worker protests, self-driving Ubers and failing bike shares

Health and science

Satirical science, telehealth and toilets


Steam trains, chicken competitions and 3D printing

Human behaviour

Motivation, genius nerds and bad ideas

Industry change

Motivation, genius nerds and bad ideas


Social mobility, tech against poverty and the billionaire raj

Infrastructure and supply chains

Hyperloop, power grids and smart cities

Leadership and management

Misbehaving, flat hierarchies and stupidity


Smart brands, logo design and influencers


Fake videos, fake news and regulation

Population and demographics

Demographic timebombs, generational categories and digital natives


Antitrust, platform power and social networks


Shifting trust, technology and inequality


Smart devices, data breaches and activity tracking


Plants on Mars, space agencies and satellite pollution

Special projects

Banking Royal Commission, COVID-19 and co-working spaces

Surprising insights

Old Town Road, fax machines and drones


Facial recognition, Internet of Things and corporate surveillance


Commuting, the card industry and ultra longhaul flights

SBI special projects

What does the Banking Royal Commission mean for the future of business education? How is COVID-19 changing the way we do business? Which Chinese cities are investing in artificial intelligence?

Discover our special projects, resources designed to give key insight into issues that are impacting the world as we know it.


The impact of COVID-19 on the future of business, industries, the economy, governments and society


What are the fundamental forces that are changing our world?

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