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Understanding the Banking Royal Commission

Sydney Business Insights has created four accessible video resources for educators to engage students in curriculum on issues arising from the Royal Commission.

Understanding the future of work

The complexity and uncertainty of the future of work means today’s graduates will have to adapt to new jobs and work environments, but the challenges and opportunities are many.

Fake futures

The term ‘fake’ gets flung around with increasing frequency. There is fake news, fake videos (deepfakes) and even cheap fakes. Understanding what the tech can – and can’t do – empowers us to make better judgments in the face of literally endless information.

Coworking Spaces Australia

This report provides an introduction to the coworking phenomenon, an overview of the state of coworking in Australia, introducing a taxonomy of different types of coworking spaces, and some learnings about how to translate the concept of coworking into more traditional small business and corporate work realities.

Co-authored by Tim Mahlberg and Kai Riemer, this report is a publication of Sydney Business Insights and the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) at the University of Sydney Business School.

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