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We are curious about the future. We are committed to sharing our insights. We have carefully curated lists of resources on the most interesting and important topics.

They contain podcasts, videos and written analysis and bring together researchers and thought leaders to discuss the future of business, society and technology, and the weird and the wonderful things that impact our world.

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Resources include both written analysis and multimedia content (podcasts and videos) hosted on the SBI website. Multimedia content includes HTML embed codes that can be directly imported into many Learning Management Systems (LMS) to encourage direct student engagement. Videos and podcasts also include links to relevant articles and full transcripts for accessibility.

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Topics of interest

SBI special projects

What does the Banking Royal Commission mean for the future of business education? How is COVID-19 changing the way we do business? Which Chinese cities are investing in artificial intelligence?

Discover our special projects, resources designed to give key insight into issues that are impacting the world as we know it.

Agriculture and food

From the chicken of tomorrow and milk without cows, to the clean meat and from food crises and changing values to hacking tractors and digitising agriculture, all about the future of food and ariculture.

AI and algorithms

Everything machine learning and artificial intelligence. Facial recognition (even for fish), deep fakes, monitoring and surveillance, black boxes, bias in algorithms, and the ethics of AI, over and covert impacts, industry transformation and the race for technological supremacy.


If robots steal so many jobs, why aren’t they saving us? Can you automate your own job? Should robots pay taxes? Overcoming our mistrust of robots in our homes and workplaces and understanding potential for disruption and for math destruction. Ethical rules for adoption, marketing and robotics, autonomous vehicles and robo-lawyers. All about a future of automation.

Big ideas

Big ideas: is it time for Universal Basic Income (UBI) or the four day work week, what’s the future of work and does our survival depend on relentless exponential growth?

Big tech

The Frightful Five (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet, the parent company of Google) and the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent). From platform competition to antitrust and monopolies, business models, fiduciary moats, innovation, privacy, regulation and free speech. The battle of the giants.

Calling BS

As Harry Brankfurt put it in his classic On Bullshit: “One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit. Everyone knows this. Each of us contributes his share. But we tend to take the situation for granted. Most people are rather confident of their ability to recognise bullshit and to avoid being taken in by it. So the phenomenon has not aroused much deliberate concern, or attracted much sustained inquiry. In consequence, we have no clear understanding of what bullshit is, why there is so much of it, or what functions it serves.”

Helping you navigate the BS about the future: identifying it, seeing through it, analysis and argument. Whether it is ‘exponential growth, Killer AI, bike shring schemes, misinformation, disinformation or the Juicero.


Everything China: from how it skipped email and went straight to WeChat, to the Digital Silk Road and solar farms you can see from space, China’s demographic timebomb, 996 work culture, electric buses and selling products via live-streaming, from entrepreneurship to innovation and everything tech. Did we mention WeChat and Little Red Book?


The cities of tomorrow: from smart cities and co-housing, to the world’s most liveable places and urban entrepreneurship, from how Uber is changing cities to the Hyperloop, and why you can tell a lot about a city just by looking at the kerbside.

Climate, sustainability and the environment

How will we try to solve the climate crisis and how will we live with climate change? Why lifestyle changes aren’t enough to save the planet, what coronavirus means for climate and the environment, batteries, renewables, recycling, energy futures and fighting climate change.

COVID-19 impact

COVID-19 is changing the world, from disrupting the global economy to reshaping how we think about work.

Disvover our COVID Business Impact Dashboard, a “living initiative” that constantly updates and adapts its insights and resources from a wide-range of experts.


Organised and reorganised crime, hackers, piracy, cybersecurity and the prisons of tomorrow. Find out why owls are in dangers once societies go cashless, how to hack a Jeep and how a pandemic reorganises crime, whether that’s supply chain redesign, pivoting business models, digital transformation, new competitive advantages, or remote work.


How big is big data? Why data is not the new oil and why robots are not coming for us, how we collect share and use data: insights on the future of data, data science and data analytics.

Decision making

How do we make decisions and how are those decisions influenced by external factors? From monkeys with money to thinking fast and slow, discover how decisions are shaped and formed.

Digital humans

The ethical, societal and business implications of living with digital humans, digital avatars and digital agents. CGI influencers and news anchors, deep fakes and technologies for digital immortality and much more.


What is disruption? How is the world has changing? From Tesla’s real potential for disruption to Silicon Valley’s startup deflation, Lil Nas X and country music’s problem, innovation centres and industry transformation.

Diversity and inclusion

From board diversity to design’s exclusion problem, the subtle sexism of your open plan office, the persistent gender pay gap, inequality and why we need difficult women.


From board diversity to design’s exclusion problem, the subtle sexism of your open plan office, the persistent gender pay gap, inequality and why we need difficult women.


Batteries, energy security, and solar farms you can see from space: energy futures and fighting climate change.


Social entrepreneurship, urban entrepreneurship, the myth of the intrepreneur and entrepreneurship in the era of big tech.

Electric vehicles

Why are electric cars so much harder to build than reusable rockets? What fax machines can teach us about electric cars? From Tesla’s Model X to China’s electric buses: everything electric.

Fake futures

The term ‘fake’ gets flung around with increasing frequency: fake news, fake videos (deepfakes), fake milk, fake reviews, fake followers and even cheap fakes. Sorting fact from fiction is not a competition sport: understanding what the tech can – and can’t do – empowers us to make better judgements.

Future of work

Highlights from our ongoing conversations about the future of work. The four-day work week or #996? A future of automation, the rise in remote worker monitoring and workplace health screening. Will the gender pay gap disappear? What is the future of unions? Is the office dead? Management and leadership in the age of AI. Coworking and gig work.

Gadgets and tech

From augmented reality to vacuum cleaners and from fitness trackers to flame throwers. Why your camera wants to kill your keyboard and do wearable devices deserve to die, how can museum live and much more in future tech.

Gig economy

Gig work changes and worker protests, platforms and access, the future of work and unions.

Health and science

Everything heath and science: from the rise of telehealth and changes to healthcare, to quantum computing, from toilets and microbes to science reporting and satirical science.


Looking back to look forward: what the past teaches us about the future. What do fax machine, world war chickens, ATMs, iPods, coffee beans steam trains tell us about what’s coming next.

Human behaviour

What people do and why. Why are we lonely? How do we come to agree what we’re collectively working towards? Why doesn’t anyone answer their phone any more? Skim reading, following, motivating, consumerim and the myth of the loner genius nerd. Thinking with Daniel Kahnemann, Jonathan Haidt on good intentions and bad ideas, misbehaving with Dan Ariely and more.

Industry change

Industry change far and wide: from fashion to crime, from polarisation in the global watch industry, the movie industry and cinemas to telehealth and changes to healthcare, from the oil industry to advertising and banking, from the economics of massive cruise ships to food transformation.


Tackling inequality has become a priority around the world, and yet efforts to reduce it have so far failed to even slow it. Today eight billionaires hold the same wealth as half the world’s population and 82% of the global wealth generated in 2017 went to the wealthiest 1%.

Algorithms, machine learning and AI have already started to encode bias and further drive inequality. Addressing inequality requires a significant, concerted and collaborative effort and its principles need to underlie our work whether it is in business, technology or health. Resources from academics, Nobel Prize winners, leaders of industry and community.

Infrastructure and supply chains

A look into the future of infrastructure and supply chains: transport, power grids, smart cities, hyperloops and cybersecurity.

Leadership and management

From the power of followership to organisational stupidity, and from flat hierarchies to changing values at work.


Everything marketing: smart brands, influencers, advertising, social media and selling products via live-streaming, logos and positioning, CEO insights and pandemic challenges.


What are megatrends and how they are shaping the future of business? What are the fundamental forces that are changing our world?

Each megatrend is explored in a short video explainer that we trust will start important conversations and provoke responses across business, government and community.


Fake news, fake videos, and the efforts to police, regulate and clean up the internet.

Population and demographics

Population crises, demographic timebombs, generational categories, millennials, Gen Z, digital natives and more.


Over the past two decades tech platforms have come to dominate internet and changed the way we do business, work and play. Platform power, platform competition, innovation, productivity, antitrust and monopolies, business models, fiduciary moats, privacy, regulation, social engineering and more.


Discussions and interviews with thought leaders and acclaimed academics on how the nature of power is changing in the 21st century, whether it’s inequality, big tech, trust or generational change.


Is privacy an antitrust issue? Employee monitoring or corporate surveillance? Why is the tax office looking at your social media? How can fitness apps can reveal military secrets? Selling privacy, breaching it and rethinking it.


Space agencies and space junk, growing food on Mars, why the night sky will never be the same, why getting back to the moon is so damn hard, and more space stuff.

Surprising insights

Our most surprising insights from why size matters and corporate inequality, to the real-life implications of Game of Thrones, from why are electric cars so much harder to build than reusable rockets, to why cost per like is the new cost per wear, from the chicken of tomorrow to Lil Nas X and Old Town Road. The weird and the wonderful.


Employee monitoring or corporate surveillance? Facial recognition and how the internet of things is spying on you. Fitness apps can reveal military secrets and your vacuum cleaner knows what you’re doing.


How commuting will change, ultra-long-haul flights, ride sharing and more.

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