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The death of the smart city

The smart city has been the dazzling promise in urban planning for the last 20 years, but is the idea failing?

Hybrid work: the 9 things we have learnt

After the pandemic-induced experimentation with new forms of work – here is a checklist of nine things we have learnt about hybrid working (and what is, and isn’t, working).

ChatGPT and generative AI

This week: Our ChatGPT and generative AI special. What is it? How does it work? What to do with it? Where to next?

The Unlearn Project

Our new podcast on changing common sense

Resources on the Sustainable Development Goals

Dive into our resources that explore how the future of business aligns with the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development.

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Rae Cooper
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Daniel Kahneman
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Kishore Mahbubani