Policy Matters in Election 2022

What are the issues that should matter for Australians?
What are the essential choices we need to make as a country?

A collaboration between the University of Sydney Business School and the Sydney Policy Lab


The future of sand

This week: the world is running out of sand. The most-exploited resource after water should be recognised as a strategic material and regulated like a mineral commodity

The future of geopolitics

This week: the future of geopolitics. From Australia’s place in Asia to the war in Europe, we discuss new ways of thinking, with Professor Marc Stears.

Hybrid office fashion

This week: what should you wear to work: the end of suit and heels and more hybrid office fashion.

The Unlearn Project

Our new podcast on changing common sense

What are the megatrends that shape our future?

The Future of Power

Our series produced in collaboration with the Sydney Policy Lab.

The Future of Power is a new podcast series of discussions and interviews with thought leaders and acclaimed academics on how the nature of power is changing in the 21st century.

Joseph Stiglitz on the age of inequality

Joseph Stiglitz says our rising level of inequality is not the unfortunate by-product of economic development but is the result of deliberate policy choices. Who is making those choices?


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Post-pandemic powerhouse

China is moving on

In this special report, China’s path through COVID-19 and beyond into economic growth.

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Daniel Kahneman
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Susan Thorp
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