Our weekly roundup 2 June 2017

News that made it into The Future, This Week (listen to our latest
TFTW podcast):

Want to change the world with design? Work for huge companies

Even academics can’t keep pace with blockchain change

How machine logic infects our tastes

The disappearing computer


Other articles we have been pondering:

Lawyers, not ethicists, will solve the robocar trolley problem

Is China outsmarting America in AI

Mining bitcoins is a surprisingly energy-intensive endeavour

Can bitcoin cryptographic technology help the environment?

The rise of the fat start-up

China is losing interest in the iPhone

Detroit imagines a citizen-led smart city

In China, umbrellas and basketballs join the sharing economy

Experts predict when Artificial Intelligence will exceed human performance

The next big leap in AI could come from warehouse robots


And some stuff we’re really not sure about (covfefe?):

The race to build the world’s first sex robot

Dubai deploys first robotic police officer


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