Sandra Peter

Director, Sydney Business Insights
The University of Sydney Business School

Dr Sandra Peter leads the Sydney Business Insights strategic initiative to deliver on the University of Sydney Business School’s commitment to being an engaged, relevant and influential voice on major issues and trends.

Sandra has research degrees both in Business and Education. Her research has focused the future of higher education, and in particular business education, from a learner perspective. She looks at access to education through initiatives like open educational resources (OER) and massive open online courses (MOOCs) but also at the broader economic, socio-cultural aspects of higher education. She examines how such phenomena are nested in society and in various public debates and discourses.

Sandra also has a keen interest in innovation in business education from a very practical, applied perspective (e.g. blended and flipped practices, new forms of assessment, pop-ups and hackathons, engagement etc.). Sandra has extensive teaching experience in Business Management, International Business, Management Consulting, Design Thinking and related fields. She has implemented a range of innovative educational practices and initiatives, including teaching ‘Refugees and Business in Australia’ and ‘The Future of Business’.

Currently she is looking at how societal discourses and debates shape how we experience manifestations of megatrends (e.g. MOOCS, disruptive innovation, self-driving cars).

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