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Season 8 of The Future, This Week is almost here. Sandra Peter (Sydney Business Insights) and Kai Riemer (Digital Disruption Research Group) meet weekly to put their own spin on news that is impacting the future of business in The Future, This Week.

All episodes from Seasons 1 – 7 of The Future, This Week are available on our playlists.

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Dr Sandra Peter is the Director of Sydney Executive Plus at the University of Sydney Business School. Her research and practice focuses on engaging with the future in productive ways, and the impact of emerging technologies on business and society.

Kai Riemer is Professor of Information Technology and Organisation, and Director of Sydney Executive Plus at the University of Sydney Business School. Kai's research interest is in Disruptive Technologies, Enterprise Social Media, Virtual Work, Collaborative Technologies and the Philosophy of Technology.

Disclaimer We'd like to advise that the following programme may contain real news, occasional philosophy and ideas that may offend some listeners.

Sandra This is The Future, This Week. I'm Sandra Peter, I'm the Director of Sydney Business Insights.

Kai I'm Kai Riemer, professor at the Business School and leader of the Digital Disruption Research Group.

Sandra So Kai, we've been doing The Future, This Week for over three and a half years now.

Kai Yes, we have. And in that time, we've discussed all manner of weird and wonderful stories

Sandra But some of them keep coming back, don't they?

Kai The ethics of AI and facial recognition.

Sandra The future of work, remote work, hybrid work.

Kai Yeah, that's been coming up a lot recently in the strange COVID times, whatever happened to self-driving cars?

Sandra Sure, they'll be back on the never-ending hype cycle.

Kai The politics and passion of deep fakes.

Sandra Space!

Kai  Yes, space. SpaceX, lots of rockets. Oh, 'it's a Musk'. And the robots, are they still coming for us?

Sandra  They haven't taken all of our jobs here.

Kai  We'll be back discussing big ideas...

Sandra UBI, the four day work-week, the hidden side of cities, the future of food, fashion and finance, and of course calling bullshit when we need to.

Kai Join us as we discuss all these and many more...

Sandra On Season 8 of The Future, This Week.

Kai Next week.

Outro Brought to you by the University of Sydney Business School. Follow us online at

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