This week: calling bullshit, sexist credit cards and death predictions with Jevin West. Sandra Peter (Sydney Business Insights) and Kai Riemer (Digital Disruption Research Group) meet once a week to put their own spin on news that is impacting the future of business in The Future, This Week.

Our guest this week: Associate Professor Jevin West

The stories this week

00:45 Toilets are dangerous business, World Toilet Day

06:02 Apple’s credit card is being investigated for discriminating against women

19:41 AI can tell if you’re going to die soon, we just don’t know how it knows

Other stories we bring up

Calling Bullshit: data reasoning in a digital world

Jevin’s research centre, The Centre for an Informed Public

Jevin’s subject: Calling bullshit in the age of Big Data

Jevin’s TedX talk: We’re drowning in BS, but you can learn how to fight back

Jevin’s talk at CreativeMornings Seattle on bullshit

Japanese high-tech toilets are conquering the west

Software developer David Heinemeier Hansson complains on Twitter

We teach A.I. systems everything, including our biases

Our previous conversations about the ethics of AI

Our discussion with Professor Daniel Kahneman on bias and algorithms

Our previous conversation on women and the future of work

Our recap on algorithms

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