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Tesla’s computing advantage and Italy’s population crisis on The Future, This Week

This week: Tesla’s computing advantage, Italy’s population crisis and gravitational batteries.

Virtual prisons and satellites on The Future, This Week

This week: virtual prisons, blinded by satellites, and robots in love.

Predictions and global megatrends on The Future, This Week

This Week: we look back at 2019 and forward to 2020, and reflect on how we connect tech and business trends with global megatrends

Coming soon: The Future, This Week Season 7

Season 7 of The Future, This Week is almost here. Join Sandra Peter and Kai Riemer as they sit down to rethink and unlearn trends in technology and business.

James Crabtree on India’s billionaire raj

With the rise of a billionaire superclass from the austere remnants of India’s state socialism, how will India handle rising inequality?

Shakespearean AI and the capitalism crisis on The Future, This Week

This week: AI and Shakespeare, the capitalism crisis, and cows in VR.

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Might consciousness and free will be the aces up our sleeves when it comes to competing with robots?

We are far from defenceless against the rise of robots, although they'll take many of our routine jobs. Our special strength is our ability to apply rules that don’t exist.

Why don’t we have electric aircraft?

Unlike a car, you can’t just stick a battery-powered engine in a plane and expect it to fly. Despite that, small planes might be the future of electric flight.

Marketing to the million plus Australian Chinese consumers

Marketing to audiences of a million or more Australians has long been the ambition of many brands.

Our fake future

There is fake news, fake videos (deepfakes) and even cheap fakes.

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