Dr Rae (Rachel) Cooper is Professor in Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School. Rae is Associate Dean (Undergraduate Business) where she oversees her School’s Undergraduate programmes.

As a researcher, Rae specialises in employment relations and is presently working on an ARC funded project on flexible working arrangements. She also undertakes research on gender and work more broadly, regulation and collective bargaining and; care workers and vulnerable labour. Rae is Associate Editor of the Journal of Industrial Relations and co-author of the leading employment relations reference book in the region: Employment Relations: Theory and Practice.

Her research has been cited in several parliamentary inquiries into industrial relations and she is regularly called as an Expert Witness in cases and consultations relating to women and labour market issues. Through her research and leadership Rae is actively engaged with government, business and NGOs. Rae has been appointed to a number of significant boards and advisory committees and has been a non-executive director in a number of businesses across education and health. She is currently non-Executive Director of Family Planning NSW, one of the largest not for profit health NGOs in Australia. She played a leading role in a number of government and non-government organisations in the women's policy area, including as Chair of the NSW Premier's Expert Advisory Council on Women and of the NSW Working Women's Centre.