Vivid Sydney: Mummy, can I marry my Avatar?


In a world first, our panel of experts will join a live interactive, photo-realistic computer generated digital person on stage to look at the long term ethical and social issues we will be facing with digital humans. Join leading experts and researchers from the University of Sydney Business School and Sydney Business Insights as they explore how far we should let them in.

Much has been discussed, especially in dystopian science fiction, but what about the more realistic future of our phones and devices knowing us and reacting to us as if they are people? Computer advances are now making it possible for your device to seem empathetic and understanding. But at what cost?

Our panel members are Rachel Botsman, Mike Seymour, Sandra Peter and Kai Riemer.

Join us at our Vivid Ideas event!

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*Please note: entrance to the Vivid Ideas Exchange is via the sandstone building on the harbour side of the MCA.