We launch our 2022 programming by canvassing bold ideas from across the University to understand what’s on the horizon and the priorities for the year. What’s trending – or what shouldn’t be trending – and how should we set the agenda?

It’s a new year yet the same-old. We always talked about the pandemic being a catalyst for a paradigm shift. But looking at the state of play today – in politics, human rights, climate action and widening inequality – has this vision for a reset fizzled?

In this event, we bring together leading thinkers from a range of fields to share their take on how the world might change – or could change – for the better by the end of year. Hear from:

  • Dr Arianna Brambilla, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Co-chair of the cluster Building Efficiencies of the Smart Sustainable Building Network. Arianna is also a lead on the Eco-active Building Envelopes project, part of Sydney Nano’s Grand Challenge program. 
  • Associate Professor Melody Ding, epidemiologist and population behavioural scientist working at the intersection of physical activity, epidemiology and chronic disease prevention.
  • Dr Arunima Malik, Senior Lecturer in the Integrated Sustainability Analysis group at the School of Physics and in the Discipline of Accounting. Her expertise is in big-data modelling to quantify sustainability impacts at local, national and global scales.
  • Jananie Janarthana, who has worked across various spaces in the non-profit space in community organising, governance, policy and campaigning from her career as a unionist at and as a current board director for ActionAid Australia. Jananie is currently at the Sydney Policy Lab where she works with government, civil society and academics to foster collaboration for real world- policy impact. 
  • Dr Sandra Peter, Director of Sydney Business Insights at the University of Sydney Business School. Her research expertise and practice focus on engaging with the future in productive ways. She has led strategic initiatives and worked on executive programs with the public and private sector.

Fenella Kernebone, Head of Programming for Sydney Ideas, hosts this event.

Image: Sora Sagano

Sydney Business Insights is a University of Sydney Business School initiative aiming to provide the business community and public, including our students, alumni and partners with a deeper understanding of major issues and trends around the future of business.