Climate change is the most critical issue now facing humanity. As global temperatures rise, floods, fires and storms are becoming more intense and frequent. People are suffering. Yet, despite over 30 years of international climate negotiations, emissions continue to increase and as the UN Secretary-General António Guterres has bluntly stated, “We have a choice. Collective action or collective suicide. It is in our hands.”

In the lead up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), join us for this special panel discussion on the political economy of the climate crisis and the possibilities of new social and economic systems to avert worsening impacts.

Featuring the authors of the new book, Organising Responses to Climate Change: The Politics of Mitigation, Adaptation and Suffering, this panel discussion will explore the possibilities for radical decarbonisation of the global economy and a reimagining of a world beyond fossil energy.

The book Organising Responses to Climate Change: The Politics of Mitigation, Adaptation and Suffering is available for purchase.

This event is hosted by the Sydney Environment Institute in partnership with The University of Sydney Business School and Discipline of Strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship research.



Image: Jie Min Lu

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Daniel Nyberg is Professor of Management at Newcastle Business School. His main research interest is investigating how global or societal phenomena are translated into local organisational realities or situations.

Christopher Wright is Professor of Organisational Studies and leader of the Balanced Enterprise Research Network at the University of Sydney Business School. His research focuses on the diffusion of management knowledge, consultancy and organisational change.