Matthew Beck

Matthew Beck

Professor of Decision Making and Choice
The University of Sydney Business School

Matthew is Professor of Decision Making and Choice at The University of Sydney Business School in the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies. He has a Bachelor of Economics (Hons), Master of Philosophy (Marketing) and Doctor of Philosophy (Transport Economics) from the University of Sydney. He has diverse teaching experience, ranging from tutoring marketing subjects as an undergraduate, lecturing in, maintaining and managing the Discipline of Marketing as a postgraduate student.

He teaches quantitative methods to Master of Management / CEMS students, the number one ranked Master of International Management program (Financial Times, 2009). He has recently moved into the area of infrastructure and has been leading the development of the infrastructure specialisation in ITLS. He has consulted extensively with government and private industry in developing the curriculum that is responsive to market needs. He teaches Decision Making for Mega-Projects and Infrastructure Financing.

Matthew’s research focus includes understanding decision making processes for infrastructure investment decisions, pricing of infrastructure assets (particularly road pricing), modelling the interactions of multiple decision makers, and the role of the built environment in route and residential choice. He is fundamentally interested in human decision making and choice behaviour.

Matthew has published in many leading journals and actively consults across of range of industries. This practical experience combined with his innovative teaching methods make Matthew one of the consistently highest ranked lecturers in the Business School. He has held a range of leadership positions, but currently serves as the Program Director of the Master of Transport Management. In the rare periods when not working, you might find him working on his real objective; becoming the number one golfer in transportation and logistics.

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