Tim Mahlberg

Tim Mahlberg

PhD Candidate
The University of Sydney Business School

Tim Mahlberg is the recipient of the Deloitte Australia and University of Sydney Business School Partnered PhD Research Scholarship 2015.

He is a qualified as an organisational psychologist, Tim is an experienced consultant who has been developing individuals and organisations through their people for more than a decade. Tim has designed and facilitated workshops on leadership, team development and strategy, and provided coaching to individuals and groups from a range of government, corporate and non-profit organisations.

Most recently, Tim was the key person responsible for the establishment, community design and activation of The Village at National Australia Bank, a dynamic & innovative space in Melbourne for NAB's business customers and community partners to work, learn, and connect. By early 2016, The Village membership had reached over 2000 customers, representing over 1800 different organisations, many of which are entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Village is now recognised as Australia’s largest coworking community.

Tim has been sought after as a source of inspiration in a range of thought leadership areas including corporate innovation, intrapreneurship, positive psychology, and corporate responsibility, brings over 6 years of experience in vocational and career development within the education and non-profit sector, and a background in retail and hospitality management. Tim has been sponsored by Deloitte Australia to undertake a Doctor of Philosophy (Business) to explore the Future of Work and the Digital Workplace. Tim is also an active member of the Business School’s Digital Disruption Research Group.

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