Jeannie Eun Su Lee

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr Jeannie Eun Su Lee is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor: US) in Management at the Newcastle Business School, College of Human and Social Futures. She has completed her PhD degree at the University of Sydney Business School. Jeannie is a lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma and an endorser of Migration, Business and Society

Her research interests lie in the fields of international human resource management and global mobility, focusing on migrants’ integration journeys in foreign countries and the role of support organizations in facilitating such integrative efforts. Her work has been published in top-tier international journals such as Academy of Management Perspectives, Human Resource Management Journal and International Journal of Management Reviews.

Jeannie and colleagues were the first to introduce the term "Canvas Ceiling" to a systemic, multilevel barrier to refugee workforce integration and professional advancement. The notion of Canvas Ceiling illustrates how the barriers to successful refugee workforce integration, ranging from socio-cultural and institutional challenges to organizational- and individual-level concerns, are not only multi-level and multi-faceted, but also interrelated across levels and factors. The notion of the canvas ceiling is an important steppingstone to describe the socio-political and systemic difficulties that refugees face in their employment and integration journey in receiving countries. 

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