Holly Seale

Associate Professor
University of New South Wales

Dr. Holly Seale is a Social Scientist at the School of Population Health, UNSW Sydney and the Deputy Chair for the Collaboration on Social Science and Immunisation.

Holly leads a program of research that is focused on the sociological aspects of infectious diseases and infection prevention. Specifically, her research encompasses the individual, societal and organisational factors that influence compliance with infection prevention strategies that ultimately are employed to develop approaches/interventions to improve uptake. Her research spans pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical prevention strategies, includes qualitative and quantitative research approaches and consumers such as hospital/community healthcare workers, special at-risk groups (people with underlying illness, migrants/refugees), students and the general public.

As an infectious disease public health researcher Holly has conducted clinical, behavioural and data-based research. She is particularly interested in the perceptions and behaviours of different groups of health professionals regarding infectious diseases, particularly vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) and disease prevention strategies, such as immunisation. Dr Seale is also involved with a range of other research projects focused on issues around vaccination of high risk populations including migrant travellers/refugees, immunosuppressed children and other under-immunised groups.

Holly is also actively involved with other forms of research including clinical trials, surveillance and epidemiological based studies.

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