Geoffrey Clifton

Geoffrey Clifton

Senior Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Management
The University of Sydney Business School

Geoffrey is a Senior Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Management and holds a Bachelor of Economics with first class Honours in Economic Statistics from the University of Queensland and a PhD from the University of Sydney. Geoffrey began teaching at the University of Queensland in 1998 and has held a number of roles in the Institute of Transport and Logistics within the University of Sydney Business School since 2004. Prior to joining ITLS, Geoffrey worked for three years at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Geoffrey’s research focuses on issues in public transport, in particular the challenge to grow public transport patronage in suburban areas and the provision of transport for people with special needs due to age or disability, including community transport. Geoffrey’s PhD thesis focussed on the impact that frequency and connectivity have on the demand for bus services along ‘Strategic Bus Corridors’. Other research projects in ITLS have focussed on the use of stated choice methods and optimal pricing theories as tools to support the development of public transport outcomes that are both socially optimal as well as financially viable to operators in the presence of optimal subsidy payments. Geoffrey has also undertaken research on quantifying the benefits of large transport infrastructure investments in terms of travel times and reforming the fare structure.

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