Gaia Grant

Gaia Grant

PhD Candidate, The University of Sydney
Tirian International Consultancy

Gaia Grant is Managing Director of Tirian International Consultancy and co-author of the breakthrough new book The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game along with international bestseller Who Killed Creativity?... And How Can We Get It Back?.

Gaia is a researcher at the University of Sydney Business School, where she is also a guest lecturer in innovation and international business, and she is currently conducting doctoral research (PhD) into how to innovation culture and sustainability. Sydney University experience. Gaia also has an MSc (in creative leadership), a Grad Dip in change leadership, and BA Dip Ed, BD (hons).

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Star Trek inspired the first mobile phone by Motorola. Google, Apple and Microsoft have all used science fiction to stay ahead of the curve in the innovation game. So how do we go from imagination to innovation?