Danielle Celermajer

Professor of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Sydney
Danielle has worked in the field of human rights across a number of different types of organisations - government, non-governmental and now in the academy. The perennial questions that have underpinned her work in all of those roles are: "What is just and fair (in this situation)?", and "What would we need to do or to be to get closer to justice (in this situation)?" and "How can we humans transform ourselves and our practices so that we are more open to the experience, hopes and suffering of others (human and non-human)?" Danielle is currently a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney where she leads the Human Rights Program. Her research focus in recent years has been on the prevention of torture and more broadly on developing effective strategies for preventing human rights violations. She is now starting a new project on how narratives and images of suffering can catalyse others to take action to address injustice.

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