Catherine Page Jeffery

The University of Sydney

Dr Catherine Page Jeffery is a lecturer and researcher in the Discipline of Media and Communication at the University of Sydney. Catherine’s current research addresses digital media and families, with a particular focus on parenting in the digital age. Building on more than a decade of professional experience within the public and research sector, Catherine undertook a PhD at the University of Canberra examining parental anxieties about digital media. Since completing her doctorate in 2019, her work on digital media and families has been published in leading international journals.

Throughout 2021 Catherine designed and lead an innovative project in partnership with community services organisations and funded by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. The project worked with families with teenage and pre-teen children to promote intergenerational understanding about digital media use, with the aim of reducing media-related conflict at home.

Prior to entering academia Catherine worked in online content regulation and cyber safety education for the federal government, as well as at Australia’s ICT research centre of excellence. Her prior academic appointments include as a lecturer in media and communications at the University of Canberra.

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