Ben Fahimnia

Professor and Chair in Decision Sciences (Supply Chain Management)
The University of Sydney Business School
Ben Fahimnia is a Professor and Chair in Supply Chain Management at the University of Sydney. He also serves as Director for Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) and the Founding Director of Sound of Silence Productions. Since receiving his PhD in 2011, he held various academic and leadership positions prior to his promotion to a Professor in 2016, distinguishing him as one of the youngest Australian Full Professors. Ben has a multidisciplinary background with degrees and experience in business/management, engineering, psychology, and dramatic arts. With this diverse background, he has helped numerous organisations and policymakers create and manage efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chains. As an expert specialist in applied and problem-driven research, Ben leads multidisciplinary teams tasked to develop decision-making skills and approaches to help managers and policymakers make more systematic and informed production, operations and supply chain decisions. Ben is frequently consulted by Australian regulatory bodies as well as a range of businesses, from small and medium size companies to Fortune 500 corporations. His research has attracted substantial funding of over $130m from the governments, industries, and universities.

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