Anastasia Globa

Lecturer in Computational Design and Advanced Manufacturing
The University of Sydney

Dr Anastasia Globa is a researcher, academic and designer working in the field of architecture, with strong research interests in algorithmic design, interactive systems and simulations.

Dr Globa is currently holding a position of Lecturer in Computational Design and Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Sydney. She is a member of the CoCoA research lab and SydneyNano research centre; closely collaborating with the Computer Aided Architectural Design in Asia community, being elected CAADRIA President in 2022.

The research work and most of teaching done in the span of 15 years in Russia, Germany, New Zealand and Australia focuses on the use of computation, algorithmic form-making and integration of parametric modelling in architectural design. Her design and research projects often involve the use of various digital fabrication technologies, including the adaptation and pre-fabrication preparation of digital models for 3D printing, CNC routing or laser cutting.

Since 2015, Dr Globa has further extended her skill-set and developed multiple projects using interactive Virtual (VR) and Augmented (AR) environments. VR and AR was applied in the projects involving design exploration, data visualisation and pre-occupancy simulation. She has extensive experience working with advanced computational analysis and simulations, data visualisation, real-time interactive applications and immersive analytics using both modelling computer environments and gaming engines (such as Grasshopper/ Rhino / Unity3D). Dr. Globa specialises on the development and testing of digital and physical prototypes, interdisciplinary design and academic / industry collaborations.

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