Alex McBratney

Alex McBratney

Professor of Digital Agriculture & Soil Science, Director, Sydney Institute of Agriculture
University of Sydney

Alex McBratney holds BSc, PhD and DSc degrees in soil science from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and the DScAgr degree from the University of Sydney for research in precision agriculture. He has made major contributions to soil science and agriculture through the development of the concepts of Pedometrics, Digital Soil Mapping and Precision Agriculture.

Alex is passionate about the sustainable use and management of the soil system. He is trying to unravel the causes of soil change in space and time and is intrigued by questions such as; what makes soil tick, and how where and when does soil grow? how do we secure soil for sustainable development? He seeks to develop answers to such questions through the combination of observations and quantitative theory. The understanding that provides answers to such questions helps us to create sustainable ecosystems and provide food, water and energy for humanity more securely.

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