This week: the truth, free speech and the design of online platforms. Sandra Peter (Sydney Business Insights) and Kai Riemer (Digital Disruption Research Group) meet once a week to put their own spin on news that is impacting the future of business in The Future, This Week.

The stories this week

02:44 Twitter bans political ads

18:15 What a scam on Airbnb reveals about platform design

Other stories we bring up

Remember that scary AI text-generator that was too dangerous to release? It’s out now

Our March 2019 conversation about the new AI fake text generator that was too dangerous to release

Twitter’s ban on political ads

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg rules out banning political adverts

Political ads at Facebook make money by manipulating us

The real reason Facebook won’t fact-check political ads

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s paid advert that claimed Mark Zuckerberg had personally endorsed Donald Trump for re-election

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince decides to kick someone off the internet

Our December 2018 discussion on fake restaurants

Zervas et al. paper on A first look at online reputation on Airbnb, where every stay is above average

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