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The Future, This Week 19 Apr 19: #996, #futureofwork, #GOT

This week: #996 working long hours, predicting work and who dies on Game of Thrones.

The Future, This Week 2 Nov 18: work weeks, faxes, and AI art

This week: work week wishes, fax-free futures, and AI art.

Millennials at work don’t see themselves as millennials

There is very little empirical evidence to substantiate most claims about generational differences. In fact, an increasing amount of work published in recent years has begun to question the veracity of generational research.

The stupidity paradox: functional stupidity at work

Stupidity in business can lead to disasters yet a mindless workplace can produce good results, at least for awhile. This is the stupidity paradox and we talk to Professor Mats Alvesson to find out more.

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