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Megatrends – Resource security

The resource security megatrend captures the increasing pressure on environmental resources, including food, water, energy, mineral resources.

Megatrends – Economic power shift

The economic power shift megatrend captures first and foremost the rise of the new centres of economic activity in developing world.

Megatrends – Empowering individuals

We are witnessing the rise of the individual like never before. Tremendous technological advances, ubiquitous connectivity, improvements in access to education and health are empowering individuals across the world.

Megatrends – Rapid urbanisation

The future is one of cities. Today more than half the world’s population lives in cities and 85 percent of the global GDP is generated in cities, with the biggest 250 cities accounting for 57 percent of global GDP.

Megatrends – Evolving communities

Rapid and profound demographic and change is leading to evolving communities with different business, social and individual challenges.

Megatrends – Impactful technology

Technological change driven by the acceleration, distribution and application of computing power across industry via the internet, cloud and individual mobile platforms has been called “the second machine age” and “the fourth industrial revolution”.

Megatrends – Introduction

Discover the global megatrends whose influence will have an enormous impact over the world we live in and a tremendous influence on the future of business.

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