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Predicting is creating in the science of fashion

If algorithms are taking the art out of fashion, what role is science playing in creating consumer tastes and driving business trends?

The Future, This Week 10 November 2017

This week: AI can’t see my cat, predicting is creating, and it’s a Musk.

Machine learning – mapping the world’s collective intelligence

The time we spend trying to parse the data to make informed decisions, but also to try to identify new connections and trends is growing exponentially. We talk to Dan Buczaczer from Quid about how machine intelligence is helping us interrogate the world’s collective intelligence.

Co-living is demolishing the line between work and life

In the past two weeks I’ve met two people who introduced themselves as global nomads. By “nomads” they mean someone who moves from place to place with no fixed address, other than their email address. They consult wherever they go, and are enabled through technology to live and work from anywhere.

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