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The Future, This Week 5 Oct 18: self-automation, minimum wage, and lettuce

This week: programming for obsolescence, raising minimums, and lettuce-loving robots.

Mind the fake news

In this podcast, we talk with Professor Alan Dennis about the fake news phenomenon.

The Future, This Week 21 Sep 18: privacy, measurements, and ad poetry

This week: selling privacy, for good measure, and automated advertising poetry.

The Future, This Week 14 Sep 18: monopoly platforms, sci-fi, and fishy fashion

This week: platform monopoly, tech between science and fiction, and skinning fish for fashion.

The Future, This Week 7 Sep 18: museums, words, and ancient blockchain

This week: What’s in a museum? Give us words, and ancient blockchain.

The Future, This Week 31 Aug 18: not-so-obvious, skimming, and excess stuff

This week: That’s obvious, skimming is the new black, and mountains of stuff.

The flat work façade

When the flat hierarchy workplace philosophy with no bosses turns out to be complete bull.

Uber, money and monkeys with Keith Chen

Behavioural economist Keith Chen investigates what will humans do for how much money.

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