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DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ 2019 – Rethinking Success

DISRUPT.SYDNEY offers new ways of thinking about business success, individual careers, and community needs. Join us for DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2019.

2018 Sydney Peace Prize Gala Dinner

Join us on Friday 16 November to celebrate the 2018 Sydney Peace Prize with Professor Joseph Stiglitz at the annual Sydney Peace Prize Gala Dinner.

Joseph Stiglitz on tackling inequality: What’s next?

Is our economic system fundamentally broken? Has radical inequality become our inevitable global future, or can significant overhaul of public policy “fix it”? Professor Stiglitz will discuss these topics in conversation with Dr Alexandra Heath, Head of the Economic Analysis Department at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

2018 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture with Professor Joseph Stiglitz

On 15 November, Professor Stiglitz will deliver the much-anticipated 2018 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture and will be awarded the Prize at the Sydney Town Hall.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity

Join Kai Riemer, Michela Ledwidge and Sandra Peter as they chat with MIKE, a virtual, digital human.

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