What is the history of digital colour? How did Moore’s Law shape the future of computer animation? Mike Seymour sits down with Pixar co-founder and lifelong innovator Dr Alvy Ray Smith for a discussion on building businesses from dreams and overcoming roadblocks.

Dr Alvy Ray Smith was a guest of the University of Sydney Faculty of Engineering for the 2019 Dean’s Lecture.

black and white photo of two people in an academic building
Mike Seymour and Alvy Ray Smith at the University of Sydney Business School


Alvy Ray Smith’s website

Faculty of Engineering, Dean’s Lecture 2019: Alvy Ray Smith

About Ed Catmull – IEEE Computer Society

Ed Catmull’s book on Pixar Creativity Inc

‘Genesis effect’ for Star Trek II – the Wrath of Khan, the first use of 3D CGI used in a movie that was shown to the public

Short film, Sunstone, showcasing pioneering animation techniques

Sequence from TV series documentary, Cosmos

The stained-glass sequence in the Young Sherlock Holmes and the significance of the sequence

From Pencils to Pixels, BBC documentary featuring John Lasseter

John Lasseter

Dance of the Hippos in Fantasia

An explainer on Moore’s Law

AI turns horses into Zebras

Faculty of Engineering, Dean’s Lecture 2019

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