Technological change driven by the acceleration, distribution and application of computing power across industry via the internet, cloud and individual mobile platforms has been called  “the second machine age” and “the fourth industrial revolution”.

Impactful technologies are broad based: from artificial intelligence and machine learning to cloud and quantum computing, from drones and autonomous vehicles to virtual and augmented reality, 3D/4D printing, robotics, connected devices and the internet of things.

Robots and algorithms are getting better at building cars, driving them, writing articles, managing funds, diagnosing diseases and delivering individually tailored learning–and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Impactful technology also poses significant challenges: from cybersecurity and privacy, to rising inequality and job automation.

The pace of change arising from impactful technology is an invitation to understand the profound changes that are underway, and to ensure that they can be empowering to individuals, businesses and communities who are using them.