Nobel Prize winner and renowned economist, Professor Joseph Stiglitz, says our rising level of inequality is not the unfortunate by-product of economic development but is the result of deliberate policy choices. Who is making those choices?

Dr Sandra Peter and Professor Marc Stears discuss Professor Stiglitz’ challenging ideas.

The Future of Power series is a collaboration between the Sydney Policy Lab and Sydney Business Insights.


Joseph Stiglitz’ profile – Columbia University

Warren Buffet on tax cuts

Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Paul Samuelson’s 1948 paper on International Trade and the Equalisation of Factor Prices

Paul Samuelson and Wolfgang Stolper’s 1941 paper on Protection and Real Wages

An overview on Social Contract Theory

Joseph Stiglitz’ Sydney Peace Prize 2018

Joseph Stiglitz’ latest books:

Joseph Stiglitz’ 2001 Nobel Prize for analyses of markets with asymmetric information

Joseph Stiglitz’ TedX talk on The Cost of Inequality

Around the World with Joseph Stiglitz, starting with a tour of Stiglitz’s hometown of Gary, Indiana, led by its most famous native son

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Professor Marc Stears

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