Sydney Business Insights is a University of Sydney Business School initiative aiming to provide the business community and public, including our students, alumni, and partners with deeper understanding of complexities and insights into major issues and trends.

Sydney Business Insights brings together insights from our researchers with insights from leading thinkers in industry, government and community.

Our commitment to being engaged, relevant and an influential voice on major issues and trends requires that we look at how the world is changing.

We have identified six megatrends with complex impacts on business, economies, individuals and society: impactful technology, evolving communities, rapid urbanisation, empowering individuals, economic power shift and resource security.

We seek to engage and empower our community by creating and co-developing resources that expose our students, alumni and business community on major issues and trends.

We create resources that are free to read, watch or listen to; to share or republish; make ideas accessible and encourage conversation.

Help us to understand, help create and imagine the future of business.

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